Versatility the Key to New Cable Collar

A fast, easy-to-install solution for a wide variety of electrical openings and dsigned for new or existing cables, cable bundles, conduits and conduit bundles, the surface mounted product has an innovative design which comprises metal housing and a pre-formed flexible intumescent inlay with a central hole, making for easy fitting.

In case of cables and conduits which are running along the wall or in different directions, as well as those close to the edge, the product can be adapted by simply removing segments or using half of the device, all without loss of performance. Extra electrical items can be fitted through the device at any time.

The CFS-CC Firestop cable collar is the latest innovation in Hilti’s firestop portfolio, with the CFS-C EL Endless collar and CFS-SL Firestop sleeve recently coming to market. All products are tested to the latest EN 1366-3 and ETAG 026 European Standards, CE-marked to confirm ETA System One grading and carry a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

Hilti has also launched Firestop Selector to help customers choose the best firestop solution for the job. Available at, the user can select penetration type, base material and penetrating services and the software will generate the suitable products to meet the application requirements.

It also allows the download of technical documents such as Datasheets, European Technical Approvals and standard AutoCAD details.

Olga Katsanova, Northern Europe Product Manager (Chemicals) for Hilti, said: “We see many cases where existing firestopping is breached by the addition of new electrics through existing seals, or cases where new penetrations are created and either firestopped incorrectly or not at all.

“We have developed a solution that reinstates the integrity of fire-rated walls and floors by retro-fitting a device over the opening without the need for costly preparation. As long as the cable collar covers the space and the cable bundle fits inside, the installer has the peace of mind that it will perform its function.

“At Hilti we strive to improve the quality of in-built fire-protection through innovation, which make compliance with building regulations easy, even for less experienced installers.”

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