Mash Direct gets the Hilclare treatment

Due to risks of contaminants, food production and storage facilities require an extremely high standard of lighting products. The specialist services of lighting company Hilclare were called upon to supply a range of safety and main lighting fixtures for Mash Direct’s new factory head office, located just outside Belfast.

“The products we supplied are ideal for sensitive environments like these that are being used for food production and storage as they’re certified in the food industry. In addition, they can also be jetwashed and boast chemical resistance properties,” says Steven McMurray, Project Lighting Engineer at Hilclare.

Products supplied for the installation were manufactured in France by Sammode, for whom Hilclare is the UK distributor. These products included Maxwell 100 S3H escape route light fittings which provide three hours emergency power in the event of an incident. Safety lighting in areas for food production and storage requires products that can withstand the aggressive conditions that are sometimes encountered there (moisture, mechanical shock, detergents). The Maxwell 100 S3H was designed specifically for this use. Designed to be strong, the product meets the demands of the harshest industrial environments while the quality of the materials such as stainless steel or polycarbonate is particularly suited to the aggressive environmental conditions encountered in harsh industrial surroundings.

The sealing (IP68) of the product’s self-contained fittings maintains its performance while the tubular shape prevents external dirt being deposited. Thanks to its durability and the product’s LED modules which decrease lighting-related energy consumption, Hilclare guarantees customers a return on their investment and a reduction in maintenance costs. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

Pascal 100 tubular luminaires were also supplied by Hilclare for the new office. The product’s LED technology allows for instant full flux, independent from the operating temperature. This innovative product is also insensitive to on/off switching cycles while its tubular shape increases its mechanical resistance, makes it easier to clean and allows for 360° orientation. Easy opening and closing with just one screw makes it an excellent option for installers and for the client, robustness of the housing, combined with the quality of the materials and components offers a long-term investment.

The Pascal range is available in two versions; the Retrofit version provided the same illuminance as the initial installation but with a lower power consumption. With the New Works version, flow and dimensions are optimised, allowing installation of efficient lighting using a fewer number of luminaires than the initial installation.

The finished product is something both Hilclare and Mash Direct can be proud of. Durable, energy efficient lighting from Hilclare has ensured longevity along with energy savings in the long term for the client.

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