Water delight for Hilclare

On this occasion, Steven McMurray, Northern Ireland Project Engineer for Hilclare Lighting, was brought in to carry out a survey and energy calculation at Northern Ireland Water’s Transport Maintenance Garage at Bretland House in Belfast.

Steven explained, “We have a fantastic working relationship with Scotts Electrical Services and we were delighted to again be working with them on this project. We have become experts on these retrofit projects and as well as providing brighter lighting, we are also delivering cost savings and energy reductions.”

He added, “The lighting really wasn’t up to the job in the NI Water workshop in Duncrue. They are doing intricate work and relied on hand-held lamps to complete the jobs. Our initial focus was on raising the LUX levels to an appropriate level, but by installing LEDs this came with the added advantage of lower energy usage and no maintenance. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Better lighting and lower costs will always be a winner.”

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The new lighting by Hilclare at Northern Ireland Water’s Transport Maintenance Garage.

Hilclare Lighting specified the replacement of the existing 250w Son low-bays with the company’s Varas LED low-bay fittings. The rigid steel construction and a range of diffusers and various means of fixing makes the Varas 122w LED luminaire suitable for retail areas, factories, warehouses and cold stores. IP20 compliant, this 240 Volts 50Hz range is available with added extras available on request, including integral three-hour maintained emergency systems; high frequency digital dimming gear and Integral PIR/motion detectors and energy management systems.

The project had the added complication of an overhead heating system, meaning that Hilclare had to find a point-for-point retrofit solution.

Hilclare’s work proved to be a success on every level, with the positive feedback leading to an additional project for NI Water.

Steven added, “We are delighted with the feedback from Scotts Electrical and, just as importantly, the client. For the contractor, it is a case of providing a solution that is easy to install, and Scotts was able to work onsite without causing any undue disruption to the workshop, which was able to continue to operate.

“The client was also so delighted with our work that they have asked us to provide a similar style solution at another location.” Steven concluded, “We are very much of the view that one good job leads to another, and this project proves that perfectly.”

T: (NI) Steven McMurray, Northern Ireland Project Engineer, on 07710 073 250 or (RoI) Wyre Lighting Ltd on 087 259 3272.

E: sm@hilclare.com

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