Hilclare lights up Fane Valley

The farmer-owned co-operative is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses, with interests in red meats, porridge oats and breakfast cereal, feed compounding, agricultural supplies, and renewable energy, operating across Europe.

Working with Stephen Clarke Consulting Ltd, Hilclare Lighting designed a bespoke solution to meet the specific lighting requirements of the company while also keeping energy costs to a minimum.

“When considering a lighting upgrade, reducing future energy costs is now as important as the initial investment,” said Steven McMurray, Hilclare Lighting’s Project Engineer for Northern Ireland. “Our extensive range allows us to meet a wide range of requirements but, just as importantly, we can combine this with a cost-effective design.” This project included a number of LED solutions such as Seville, Destello and Cataluna.

A range of low-profile recessed modular luminaires with a back-lit LED light source, the Seville LED Panel is suitable for use in many interior applications including offices, hospitals, hotels and retail areas. They proved the perfect fit at Fane Valley where they were installed alongside the attractive, low-profile design of Cataluna LED. Simple to install with either ceiling or suspension mounting, this range comes with a wide range of LED wattages.

The new Fane Valley board room is lit using the dimmable Destello range. This adjustable LED gimbal in a square recessed bezel is also suitable for use in foyers, display areas and other areas in commercial buildings and retail shops.

The Fane Valley project also included lighting from the Bandera, Destello, Hachero1 and Perez ranges. Bandera downlights are a range of recessed wide-beam LED downlight luminaires, suitable for use in foyers, meeting rooms, corridors and other areas in commercial buildings and retail shops while the Destello is an adjustable LED gimbal in a recessed bezel that offers a range of recessed, individually adjustable, LED display luminaires.

The surface-mounted Hachero1 are not only decorative but, thanks to the range’s adaptability, come with many diffuser, finish and light source options that can be tailored to the project’s requirements.

The Perez range is an economy IP65 corrosion-resistant luminaire, designed to be surface, suspension, trunking or cable tray mounting.

“This was a straightforward project for us but only due to the fact that our extensive range is able to meet so many different requirements,” added Steven. “On projects such as this – where you have to consider a lot of various requirements – that can make all the difference.”

For more information on Hilclare Lighting Ltd, visit www.hilclare.com or contact:

NORTHERN IRELAND – Steven McMurray, Northern Ireland Project Engineer on 07710 073 250 or e-mail sm@hilclare.com

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – Wyer Lighting & Electrical Products Ltd on 045 408 132 or e-mail sales@wlep.ie