Heating products for a changing world

The future of electric heating is here with the new D Series from Rointe...

Bringing innovative technology and new advancements to the final consumer is a challenge that all brands face in a transforming world. Smart controls for electric heating mean the user can adapt the world around them to suit their needs at any time or in any place.

The new D Series heating range meets all the challenges in the changing world of technology at home with its unique connected heating products that include smartphone control and home automation.

Choose from Rointe’s D Series range of electric radiators and towel rails, along with the Rome connected water heater and underfloor heating solutions. Exclusive low consumption technology and built-in Wi-Fi makes these products the best, taking energy saving to the next level with Rointe Connect (the free app for your smartphone). It’s designed for easy management and complete control over your heating anytime, anywhere.


  • Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology – developed and patented by Rointe, this specialized low consumption technology enables efficient use of energy and stabilises the temperature within a variation of only +/- 0.25oc
  • Integrated connectivity – the built in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways
  • Compatibility with Rointe Connect – the free Rointe Connect app is the control application for radiators and towel rails that make up the D Series connected range
  • Real time monitoring – the app also allows you to view the True Real Power (real-time energy consumption reports) by day, month or year along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day
  • Different finishes to suit your décor – the new DESIGNLINE collection adds style to the D Series range without affecting efficiency or comfort. Choose from eight special finishes or eight powder coated RAL colours
  • Adaptability – the new Rointe self-learning system allows the D Series to learn patterns of use and respond to them by adapting its programming and operation to the lifestyle of the consumer
  • Voice assistant – you can now control your Rointe connected heating products through Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa

The D Series radiator stands out from the crowd, thanks to its advanced technology and high quality aluminium. The exclusive design with front dissipation openings favours natural air convection, enabling it to reach the set temperature in record time. It includes built-in Wi-Fi for control over temperature, cost and consumption directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The D Series towel rail guarantees warmth for your bathroom, thanks to its functions and features. Manufactured with high quality materials and easy to install, the D Series towel rail has Class II protection, advanced technology and an exclusive two-hour boost function.

Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi and Rointe Connect, you can have complete control of your electric towel rail anytime, anywhere.

All Rointe products include a guarantee and comply with all national and international regulations for heating products, meaning you have peace of mind that all Rointe products in your home are of the highest quality.

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