Harnessing the power of the electric vehicle revolution

As car manufacturers reduce and withdraw their diesel ranges, the range of full EV and Hybrid models is increasing. The last year has seen a major escalation by governments to incentivise Electric Vehicles as an important component of their strategy to meet emission targets. EV infrastructure including charging stations, is being rapidly developed to support these changes.

There are significant opportunities for businesses and car owners to consider. New EV owners can avail of government grants towards the purchase and installation of charging stations for their homes. It may cover the entire cost, depending on your location. OLEV in the UK and SEAI in the Republic of Ireland manage these grants. For businesses and organisations, the bene ts of installing EV charging stations are far reaching. If a car owner has the option to charge their EV at your premises, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. They are also likely to spend more time with you as they wait for their car to charge.

As an employer, attracting top talent can be a challenge, hence the rise in employee bene t schemes. Adding EV charging options to your parking spaces is one more bene t that enhances the perception of your organisation. Against this backdrop, GARO’s new range of future proofed and competitive chargers are ideally suited to fulfilling this demand. GARO is the Nordic region’s market leading manufacturer and supplier of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The company’s comprehensive range offers charging solutions for home, the workplace, offices, shopping centres, car parking spaces and service stations.


What types of chargers are appropriate for each setting? A pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) has a range of up to 400km and is a good option for anyone wishing to drive an environmentally friendly and economical car. The next level of car is a plug-in hybrid car (PHEV), which runs on petrol or diesel over longer distances. These cars have an electric motor and a small battery pack that has a range of around 20-60km and are therefore suitable for both urban and country driving.

Both of these types of vehicle can be connected to the ordinary electricity grid. For charging at home or the workplace, a wall mounted charger is the most common option. With Garo’s GLB Charger, a hybrid EV can be fully charged in around 3 hours, and a pure electric EV in around 6 hours. For public locations, car parks and larger workplaces, a faster, more robust option is appropriate. Built to withstand the elements, Garo’s LS4 charger can charge a pure EV in just 3 hours. Its raft of features includes premium design, smart metering and connectivity and enhanced safety features.

With a charging time from as little as just 7 minutes, DC ‘Fast’ Chargers are the premium option for EV users. Mainly found in service stations, these high-performance chargers allow owners to experience minimal disruption to their journeys. All are fitted with cloud billing functionality to ensure total and accurate charging control for operators.

To find out more about Garo’s Electric vehicle charging range, visit www.garo.ie

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