Hager’s Panel Builder Spotlight: Ambrex Switchgear

Hager’s Panel Builder Spotlight talks to Tom Sinnott, owner of Ambrex Switchgear based in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford...

Ambrex’s team provide a comprehensive and reliable panel building service.
Tom Sinnott, owner of Ambrex Switchgear.

Can you tell us about your company?
Ambrex is 100% Irish-owned and we were established in 1997 as a panel builder focusing on the delivery of low voltage switchgear solutions for a range of applications throughout the country.
We have now grown to 17 employees and occupy a 7,500 sq. ft warehouse and production facility. We have enjoyed continued levels of growth and this prompted us to expand the size of our premises to keep up with increased market demand.   

What area of the industry is your niche?
We don’t really have a niche but strive to offer a comprehensive and reliable panel building service to all sizes of customer; from the one-man in a van to the larger electrical contractors who have hundreds of electricians employed. We aim to provide a quality-led and easy to deal with service and this has helped grow our reputation in the market and has subsequently fuelled our expansion and success. 

What type of projects have you been working on during the last 12 months?
Luckily, we have been able to continue to operate throughout the pandemic.  As an essential service, we were tasked with supporting HSE projects as they emerged.  This has meant working on vital and urgent projects such as upgrading wards and supporting the development of testing facilities.  Apart from our projects with the HSE, we have continued to work with sectors such as supermarket chains and agriculture.  Ambrex have also been exporting product into countries such as Holland and Switzerland.  As our Irish-based customers have looked to support their own clients abroad, we have worked alongside them which has helped us maintain our growth ambitions.

How do you find working within regulations?
It is important that Ambrex’s working practices and solutions always conform to all current regulations and standards.  We take great care to ensure we adhere to any changes and are fully aware of the impact of the new I.S. 10101 standard as it relates to our business. As a team, we work hard alongside our customers and partners to deliver a safe and approved solution that matches all regulatory requirements.

What do you value most in a manufacturer?
We rely heavily upon the quality of products and service ethos of a company like Hager, which is backed up with excellent stock availability and an accessible and helpful technical and enquiry service.  In recent years the development of the Hager e-Cat means we can quickly gather any required technical data online, Hager Ireland’s website is easy to navigate and contains all of the online catalogues we require. 

What do you like best about Hager?
The quality of the product, reliable stock availability and expert technical support; Hager has proven to be a company that is very important to Ambrex and together we have developed a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship.

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E: customer.service@hager.ie