Hager makes it easy to create intelligent homes

It’s a novel, uncomplicated, quick and inexpensive solution — but above all else, the new easy configuration software tool is, as its name suggests, a breeze to use.

All you need to get started is an easy configuration tool, a tablet or PC with the easy application. Once you have these, you can create simple yet effective building automation control solutions in real time, as easy allows you to work quickly and reduces the amount of time spent on programming.

The system makes purchasing an intelligent building management system a worthwhile choice for even the average household. Not only that, but its modular nature also allows for expansion further down the line. KNX is an established standard everywhere and one that Hager’s whole system range is compatible with. Any easy installation can be extended using Quicklink wireless solutions or can be imported fully into the ETS software for more complex designs. Hager considers it essential that its customers experience this consistent concept and by providing it, ensures they benefit from a solution that will hold up over the long term and which offers as many expansion options as possible.

The TJA665 easy configuration server is at the heart of the system. It is connected to the KNX system and acts as an intelligent partner during configuration. It functions as the programming interface to the KNX installation, and configuration can be performed using the EasyLink app running on a tablet, PC or smartphone.

The new easy actuators are equipped with all the functions that residential buildings need – whether these involve switching or dimming lights, controlling blinds or windows, creating light scenes, or adapting to wind and weather conditions. Hager’s easy systems come complete with all the security and comfort functions customers expect.

The new flush-mounted switching outputs are available as 1 channel or 2 channel switching outputs. The 1 channel output can be used for all types of lighting control — meaning not just switching lights on and off, but time, override, logic and scene functions as well. With the 2 channel output, there is the option of controlling two lighting circuits, a roller shutter/blind motor or a fan (2-stage activation).

New actuators can accommodate a high number of channels. In the 16 channel and 20 channel versions for lighting and blinds, as well as the 12 channel versions for blinds at 230V, they combine a large number of channels within a small space.

The new easy actuators feature not only multifunctional binary outputs, but also specialist KNX blind outputs. Together with the new GPS weather station, this makes it possible to create a variety of comfort scenarios – including gradual roller shutter motions or blind slats that rotate in line with the sun. This creates both a more comfortable atmosphere for users and reduces lighting and heating costs.

For further information, contact Mervyn Knox, Area Sales Manager on 0044 (0)7968 147 444, e-mail info@hager.ie or visit the website at www.hager.iehttp://www.hager.ie