Greenlamp’s latest arrivals

New Greenlamp products promise to meet all customer expectations and requirements...

The COB LED Strip Light.


The new decade looks to be an exciting one for the brand as it opens with a host of new additions to an already expansive catalogue. With an established glowing reputation for quality designs and customer satisfaction, Greenlamp is set to continue to enrich its services with a consistent delivery of market firsts and range expansions.

First on the list is the new JEWEL 5w Fire Rated Downlight – the first IP65 rated, tilt-able downlight on the market. It comes fully dimmable, CCT (2700k 4000k 5500k) and is fire safety rated to BS476-21:1987 as standard. Greenlamp supplies with this fitting a ‘loop-in-loop-out’ junction box for easier and quicker installation. A super slim structure of only 27mm depth makes it ideal for numerous applications and its availability in white and brushed chrome means it can complement any room. Keep an eye out for a slightly larger 7w version, coming soon from Greenlamp.

The new REVA non-Corrosive Batten is available in both 2FT and 5FT versions – at 60w the 5ft option boasts an impressively high lumen out-put. With a winning combination of a strong aluminium base and dual voltage of 110v-240v, the REVA is a popular option for site lighting and industrial areas.

The CHAMPION LED Wall Pack is an old favourite of many customers, and with increased popularity comes the highly anticipated range expansion. Now with a Universal Fitting, which can be used as a standard wall pack or as a Photo Cell wall pack, this additional feature allows customers to reduce their stock profile and stock just one fitting. Greenlamp is also proud to introduce a new 2000k (son colour) to this range and offers a 5-year warranty for the customer’s peace of mind.

The new COB LED Strip Light provides a consistent light throughout the entire 5 metre
roll and with a high output of 10w per metre, the lighting is ideal for commercial applications. This product is currently available in a popular and flattering warm white colour.

The NEON LED Strip comes in 24v and has a very high protection degree of IP65. The Neon Flex consists of a flexible, silicone U-profile with LED inside. With 10w per metre, it boasts a very high lumen output, allowing for a dazzling illumination. As it is filled with white silicone potting, a beautiful diffused effect is produced, with individual bright spots no longer visible. Its flexible body allows it to bend and twist around any awkward angles or corners and makes even the most unusual fixtures a breeze. Let your creativity flourish with this incredibly adaptable product.

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