Go battery free and wire free on your switches

ENER-J’s wireless kinetic switches are a real innovation which will save a lot of time on every switch installation...

Installers no longer need to be constrained by wiring location, the need to install back boxes or cut holes into walls as ENER-J’s Wireless switch can be installed or placed to maximise convenience.

ENER-J’s wireless switch has a built-in micro energy generator, so the action of pressing the switch generates enough kinetic energy to create and transmit a radio signal.

This, in turn, will switch on/off via a receiver (wireless controller) lamps or other loads.

Advantages of using ENER-J’s wireless switches include:

  • Wireless – No piping or wiring required.
  • Eco-friendly – No battery, no dust, no construction waste.
  • Maintenance free – No need to ever change the battery.
  • Water-resistance – The switch can work in wet environment (IP67).
  • Long range – The reliable RF remote control extends 30m indoor and 100m outdoor.
  • Memory function – Remembers previous settings.
  • Flexible pairing – Create multi- location switch.
  • Easy installation – Takes only 5 minutes to install, with no battery, no WiFi, no BLE, no app required.
  • Durable – 50 years mechanical lifetime of the switch.
  • Cost saving – Saves 30% compared to a traditional switch. Reduces manual labour and decreases construction costs by 30%.

Applications include home, offices, hotels, supermarket, factories, hospitals, hazardous locations, old buildings etc. ENER-J offers a wide range on these switches including 1 Gang, 2 Gang, 3 Gang and 6 Gang Switches along with non-dimmable or dimmable receivers.

Dimmable receivers can be remotely used via an ENERJSMART app and also through voice control via Alexa and Google Home.

For more details on this products, visit www.ener-j.co.uk