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simPRO shares tips to prepare and set up for success in 2021...

SimPRO’s field service management software is designed to help you increase efficiency and productivity.

It’s hard to believe that a new year is just around the corner. In the past 12 months, the electrical industry has had to be agile to survive in the face of unprecedented challenges, making fundamental changes to business processes and workflows. However, looking forward, we can use the lessons learnt this year to thrive in 2021. Consider these three tips to help you prepare and set up for success in 2021.

1. Evaluate what has and hasn’t worked this year

This year has been like none other, but there are still many things we can learn from it. For example, did you establish non-contact workflows? Or perhaps you cemented more efficient processes so you could achieve the same results with less staff.

Reviewing the changes you made in 2020 will help you identify further opportunities you can use to increase your productivity into 2021 and beyond. Remember, something that may seem like a small change may just be what you need to make a positive impact on your business.

2. Set achievable goals
While setting achievable goals may seem like an obvious step, it can often get lost with holidays and end-of-year slowdown.

The most important thing when setting goals is taking your time and being well prepared before the Christmas season takes hold. Look back over your review of the last year and see what lessons you learned.

If you’re having trouble setting goals, consider the ‘why’ behind your plans, this will help you implement a sound strategy. Finally, remember that your goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).

3. Consider if your processes are running as efficiently as possible

In the office, are your employees wasting admin time with double handling and paper processes? Are your field and office teams struggling to communicate quickly and easily? Is reporting tedious?

These are just a few tell-tale signs your processes aren’t running as smoothly as possible. If this sounds like your business, field service management software could help you increase efficiency and productivity.

Cloud-based software such as simPRO provides an end-to-end field service management solution for upgrading your processes. With simPRO, you can connect the field to the office, deliver exceptional customer service and gain invaluable insight.

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