Garo is all set for the electric car revolution!

Following a similar announcement from Norway early in 2017, the UK and France recently announced that they would be looking to phase out fossil fuelled cars from 2040. These major policy shifts combined with rapid advances in battery technology and vehicle ranges has confirmed that the age of EV has arrived.

According to the BNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook, it is estimated that by 2040 EVs will make up 34% of cars driven globally, and will make up 54% of new car sales. All of the major car manufacturers have announced EV lines, with Volvo taking it one step further announcing that it will only manufacture electric and hybrid cars from 2019.

With this multitude of EVs coming online in the very near future, the demand for charging facilities is ramping up in tandem. Range anxiety is a key issue and both vehicle performance and charging infrastructure are essential factors for a successful conversion to electric. We see manufacturers such as Nissan addressing this by upgrading its Leaf model to a 400km range.

EV owners require appropriate domestic charging options for day- to-day use. When it comes to longer transit times, extensive networks of public charging stations will be essential to keep up with demand. Recognising the inevitable shift, Shell has committed to deploying EV charging stations at its service stations across Britain. Outside of the traditional fuel supply industry there are great opportunities for the retail and commercial sectors – installing charging stations in car parks incentivises customers to visit and spend time as their cars charge.

Garo is the EV Charging market leader in Scandinavia, the world’s most EV centric region. The extensive range of domestic and public charging options has been developed with user friendly operating systems and suits all types of electric vehicle makes and models. The company’s comprehensive cloud-based billing system offers complete control with choices between GSM and Ethernet, per kWh or time-based billing and uses RFID / key fob technology across the range.

Designed with the home-owner in mind, the GHL Home Charger is compact, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate and built to facilitate all makes of electric vehicles. The front has a built-in LED display for the visual communication of charging status. All EV car manufacturers in the world develop cars with either Type 1 or Type 2 power intake.

Garo homechargers are available with Type 2 sockets or with fixed cable Type 1 or Type 2. European manufactured cars generally use Type 2 charging outlets and Type 1 is normally used for cars from Asia. It is made of durable PC/ABS, is designed for outdoor use and has an IP54 protection rating.

Garo’s LS4 public charging station is manufactured primarily with aluminium to meet the tough requirements set for charging stations installed in public places. The elevated indicator, in the form of a 360° lighting strip, allows users to see the charge status of each outlet from a distance.w

The front side features an illuminated space intended for logos and instructions. It is equipped with two Type 2 electric vehicle outlets positioned in a weather and wind-proof illuminated recess. The charging station is available in 16A or 32A versions for single-phase and three-phase networks, with or without energy meters. There are individual fuses and circuit breakers for each outlet. The three-phase version charging station comes with type B breakers.

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