Garo Electric Ireland launches Charging Station

GARO’s LS4 public charging station is manufactured primarily with aluminium to meet the tough requirements set for charging stations installed in public places.

The elevated indicator, in the form of a 360° lighting strip, allows users to see the charge status of each outlet from a distance. The front side features an illuminated space intended for logos and instructions. It is equipped with two Type 2 electric vehicle outlets positioned in a weather and wind-proof illuminated recess.

The charging station is available in 16A or 32A versions for single-phase and three-phase networks, with or without energy meters. There are individual fuses and circuit breakers for each outlet. The three-phase version charging station comes with type B breakers. The LS4 Electric Vehicle Charging Station also includes:

Integrated and internationally recognised electronics: An integrated electronics system handles communication between the station and the electric vehicle. Both the electric vehicle outlets and the communication between the vehicle and the station conform to international standards, making the product future-proof. The electronics and fuses are positioned behind screen protectors and can be reset by users. The incoming electricity supply can be isolated via a main circuit breaker.

– Numerous connectivity possibilities: The charging station can be equipped with RFID readers and mobile 3G or network communication, LAN kit, cold option (heater), over-voltage protection, cable strain reliever or extra-large input connection block for additional electrical feeds. Communication to the charging station can take the form of a 3G or high-speed internet connection.

– Assembly of LS4 charging station: The charging station can be screwed in place with a concrete foundation or similar. Available accessories include a ground plate for burial, a wall plate and an assembly kit for Ø60mm tube pole.

Main features of GARO LS4 include:

1 Clear 360° charge indicator – unhindered visibility

2 Front side raking light – any information visible in darkness

3 LED lighting – energy efficient and long-lasting

4 Weatherproof electric vehicle outlets – for extended life-span

5 Illuminated electric vehicle outlets – easy to connect

6 Separate RFID reader – easy for the user

7 Simple installation – the pole is fully-assembled on delivery

8 Lockable service hatch – for increased security

9 Easy-to-follow installation – simple to maintain and monitor

10 Special rubber membrane – moisture and pest protection

11 Cold option alternative – prevents cooling and condensation in cold climate.

For more information, telephone (NI/RoI) 00353 (0)1 866 5360, e-mail or visit