Game-changing remote asset condition monitoring with Forecyte

Minimise unexpected equipment failure, reduce operating costs, extend service life, and boost up-time with this new service available from GES group...

The 4th industrial revolution is creating significant opportunities for businesses across all sectors, with unprecedented improvements now achievable in productivity and equipment performance by combining skills, technology, and data analytics.

Real-time condition monitoring of assets and equipment involves collecting and analysing vibration and temperature data to determine equipment health. This valuable information can then be used to transition from reactive maintenance, and even preventive maintenance, to the more effective and efficient predictive maintenance.

Nidec, the world’s #1 comprehensive motor manufacturer and world leader in industrial alternators, acquired globally recognised brands Leroy Somer and Control Techniques in 2017. Now, the company has launched a new, game-changing remote asset condition monitoring platform called Forecyte, which minimises unexpected equipment failure, reduces operating costs, extends service life, and boosts up-time.

The innovative technology uses a battery-powered and wireless sensor, which is IP55 rated, to send encrypted data to the cloud, where it is aggregated, stored, analysed, and visualised using an intuitive, user-friendly web interface. The data can be accessed at any time, from any location, using a browser on a web- enabled device.

Nidec recently announced GES Group as its all-Ireland authorised distributor and repair agent for Leroy Somer, and the Northern Ireland-based and award-winning electrical and mechanical engineering company is now also their partner for the installation and delivery of the Forecyte condition monitoring system.

David Moore, GES Group Managing Director, stated, “Unexpected equipment failure leads to costly downtime and equipment damage. By transitioning to a more modern condition monitoring approach, there are real wins to be had for savvy businesses who are seeking to reduce operational costs while maximising on up-time.

“Forecyte has excellent potential for a range of sectors in Northern Ireland, and we are excited to be able to deliver such innovative technology to our customers at incredibly cost-effective prices.”

The Forecyte system can be used with a range of equipment, such as: motors, pumps, compressors, generators, and gearboxes. With the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, and for multiple sensors to report into one online user interface in real time, it is truly a piece of affordable technology that can have remarkable benefits for a range of businesses, manufacturers, and industries.

By combining technical capabilities and expertise, GES Group can provide significant value to its customers through the Nidec partnership. As an authorised partner, value-added services include express availability and local stocks; project management, sizing and on-site commissioning preventive and predictive maintenance; repairs, overhauls and rewinds; and equipment efficiency analysis.

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