For fast, hassle-free fixing within stud walls, try the Britclips® RSWB

RSWB, from Britclips®, was developed to provide installers with an effective and easy solution for mounting electrical fixings within stud walls. Traditional methods of using wooden noggins, or pieces of rail, can be time-consuming, unreliable and in flexible. By the time wood or rail has been measured and cut to the right length, then secured to the studs, the job could have been done several times over with an RSWB. The Britclips® RSWB offers faster mounting of electrical boxes and conduit in stud walls and can be fixed to metal or timber studs. It expands from 16 to 24 inches (40 – 60cm) to fit non-standard stud spacing.

It can be positioned at multiple distances from the edge of the baton (including over the edge), depending on what is being fixed and how far back within the wall it needs to be. Special markers allow for easy positioning of the lightweight product which is made from high quality galvanised steel. This product has proved a huge bene t to installers, saving them time and hassle. Why not try it for yourself?

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