Seek the Mira Elite QT for quiet pressure and good looks

The integral pump on the new Elite QT has been re-engineered to deliver much quieter operation – 75% quieter than its predecessor and competitor equivalents – to ensure low noise flow in areas of low pressure and without any loss of power.

Furthermore, the incorporation of patented Mira technologies – such as Clearscale and new Clean-Flow technology – lowers maintenance costs and prolongs appliance life, especially in hard water and rural supply areas. It is also a suitable choice as a ‘problem solver’ for low-pressure water systems in general, and if water pressure is too erratic for a standard electric or mixer shower.

Externally, the Elite QT benefits from a new aesthetic which delivers a sleek, contemporary design that will grace any modern bathroom. A 110mm chrome showerhead has been added, while chrome detailing means a complementary fit with other fittings and bathroom accessories.

The Elite QT also includes a number of features to guarantee effective performance and long life. Firstly, it comes with Clean-Flow technology for easy filter access for cleaning and removal of water-borne debris.

The filter housing has been designed to fit discreetly within the case, and isolation of the water supply is integral for great convenience. The easy-access filter and integral isolation mean that is much easier and safer for home-owners to undertake their own filter cleaning, as it’s not necessary to remove the cover.

Secondly, Clearscale reduces limescale build-up by up to 50%. Limescale is a potential problem in many homes in hard water areas across Ireland, yet Clearscale uses the DualElement heater tank where two heating elements are coiled around one another. This arrangement means that there are larger gaps between the coils and ensures more consistent heat transfer, so that limescale accumulates in the heater tank at a much slower rate. Not only does this cut limescale, but it also extends the life of the electric shower.

Furthermore, phased shutdown also reduces limescale and enhances safety, while pressure-stabilised temperature control ensures ‘time after time’ comfortable and consistent showering. The Elite QT is available in two options: 9.8kW and 10.8kW options (230V 9.0kW and 9.9kW).

For simple like-for-like replacement, the new Elite QT can 100% retro-fit directly over its predecessors, thanks to fixing holes and connections staying the same. It can also readily replace current competitor pumped electrics, fitting straight onto water and electrical connections, with minimal filling of old screw holes.

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