Fegime Ireland celebrates 17th anniversary

In 2019 Ireland’s leading group of independent electrical wholesalers, Fegime Ireland, celebrate 17 years serving its members.

The Irish group, established in 2002, now has 10 member companies with 29 outlets and a combined turnover of e90m. Fegime Ireland is a full shareholder and active member of Fegime GmbH, which has a membership of 230 independent wholesalers with 1,200 sales points in 18 markets across Europe.

Membership of Fegime gives independent wholesalers an opportunity to become part of a buying group of a size that can challenge multinational groups without compromising their individual service, quality and personality.

With a combined European turnover of almost €5bn in 2017, Fegime presents a formidable marketing opportunity for manufacturers of electrical installation materials and products. With the buying power established, Fegime Ireland’s members can concentrate on building their reputation for the high level of support they supply to customers on an individual basis. This advantage of personal support for customers is enhanced by the strategy of inter-trade among members, which means customers can secure products from any Fegime outlet on their own account.

With 28 trade counters available in Ireland, the customer is never far from a friendly Fegime wholesaler. Managed by Niall Curran, Fegime has grown significantly over the years. He said, “The electrical wholesale market has been dominated by multinationals and Fegime membership gives independent wholesalers the strength, security and stability of a larger organisation without compromising their independence, customer service and local knowledge.

“Our members are all companies in business for 25 to 47 years and that experience coupled with unrivalled service, is a key driver of our success.” Fegime Ireland, from its new head office in Drogheda, offers members marketing and IT support in addition to the purchasing power.

Niall added, “We have a team of three here which includes Eddie West, our dedicated graphic designer, supported by our IT specialist, John Langstone. Between them, they provide members with marketing material and database support for all product information.”

Fegime Ireland is established as a limited company with the members as shareholders. The company, in turn, is a shareholder of the European parent group, which ensures that the wholesalers themselves drive organisation’s the vision and future strategy.

European-led projects, such as the Fegime Academy and the Fegime Future MBA- based courses, offer the next generation the tools and training to carry on the family owned business.

“Succession planning is a real concern for all independent business and Fegime works very closely to ensure our next generation of business owners get training and skillsets to help them bring their business forward, thus ensuring they can stay as independents” stated Niall. The future is bright for Fegime in Ireland. Members continue to grow their businesses, through increased product offerings, dedicated staff, stock availability and continued excellence in customer service.