Facility Directors: on the frontline in a crisis

Demesne Electrical provide a vital role to Facility Managers in an industry worth €1 billion in Ireland...

Chris Mckenna, Paul Fitzsimons, Dave Williamson.

In times of crisis, Facility Managers (FMs) are the first point of contact to determine risks to a business and suggest appropriate solutions. They have a frontline role in creating a successful and profitable business by using their expertise in logistics and regulations, streamlining processes and facilitating efficiency through reliable products and services.

With the current crises due to Covid-19, FMs are challenged with selling and delivering a product/service to customers with limited contact and creating a safe working environment for their employees. As staff return to their place of work, Demesne Electrical are working with FMs from a range of industries to meet each new challenges head-on, and find solutions to ensure safety and productivity for all.

Growth of FMs in Ireland

Since its emergence in the 1970s, the Irish facility management industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years – currently valued at €1.2 billion. Globally, forecasters expect a recurring annual growth of 11%. In fact, the FM industry is expected to be worth over $1.62 trillion globally by 2025. But why is it growing so rapidly?

1) Outsourcing

With ever-increasing importance being placed on effective FM, many businesses are turning to industry experts and outsourcing the role to purpose-built FM companies.

2) Economic regulations

In the electric industry, there is strong regulation surrounding waste management and employee working conditions. At Demesne Electrical, they have adopted FM practices to ensure they comply with waste regulations to create a safe working environment for their staff by designing safety manuals and protective equipment. By doing so they have instilled a preventative rather than reactive safety culture.

3) Demand for value-added services

With the modern customer now demanding and expecting companies to deliver more than the standard service, FM is often relied upon to identify and implement means in which businesses can create a value-added service. At Demesne Electrical, they do everything in their power to satisfy their customers’ demands – often going above and beyond the norm. In turn, they are rewarded with brand loyalty.

4) The Internet of things (IOT)

The IOT is a global phenomenon that connects the physical and digital worlds through smart technology to monitor consumer behaviours. By analysing the behaviours of Demesne Electrical customers the company creates a wealth of accurate data that can be mined to identify and implement positive changes within the business, making them easy to do business with.

Challenges in the wake of COVID-19
Demesne pride themselves on their innovative forward-thinking and their ability to overcome challenges. These traits have allowed them to excel during this pandemic by supplying products that support FM in commercial, industrial and retail businesses to prevent the spread of the virus and to do so in such a way their staff and customers are protected.

Their range of signalling equipment helps to control numbers within a business while their hands-free door handle reduces contact points to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. They also provide equipment to ensure their clients’ investment in electronics, modems, IOT – the new life force of many businesses—can be monitored, regulated, and protected.

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