ESPi launches new Two-Wire Fire Alarm System

Full training is available on this highly flexible and adaptable system that will save time and money on the installation process...

ESPi is expanding its range of fire protection products with the launch of the new MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System range.

This brings a totally new collection of products to the company’s growing MAGfire Fire Protection category. MAGDUO will sit alongside the existing MAG Conventional Fire Alarm products and the MAGPRO Addressable range – fulfilling the increasing demand from customers for this latest technology.

The MAGDUO Two-Wire fire alarm system is aimed at small to medium contractors, offering them a highly flexible and adaptable system that will save them time and money on the installation process.

Two-Wire fire alarm systems are based on standard conventional system technology. Unlike standard conventional four wired systems where the detectors, call points and alarm devices for each zone are wired on separate circuits, MAGDUO utilises intelligent Two-Wire technology, which allows all devices to be wired on the same set of two-core zone cables back to the control panel – enabling it to use a single circuit per zone both for detection and to power the sounders. This advanced technology can reduce both installation and material costs.

The system is ‘Two-Wire’ meaning that all system devices can be installed on the same circuit with the capacity for up to 32 devices per zone. This, however, is dependent on the Device Loading Unit (DLU). Full information is provided within the product technical specification details. MAGDUO will support 2-8 Zone applications. In total, ESPi’s new range will comprise some 25 separate products including 2, 4 and 8-Zone fire panels (available in a grey or black finish), as well as repeater panels – also in grey and black – with the 4 and 8 zone panels able to support up to 8 repeater panels.

A FlexiPoint detector is programmable to 7 different modes, including smoke and heat detection and there are various sounders, strobes and call points in the range. A key benefit is the built-in Alarm Confirmation Feature which allows the selection of a confirmation period for individual detectors and therefore confirm if the smoke/heat detected is an actual fire – and not a false alarm.

Until an alarm has been confirmed within an individual area, only that area is evacuated. At the same time, if an alarm is confirmed in a common area, the device initiates a full alarm, evacuating all surrounding areas. This unique conventional panel feature is vital where two-stage alarms are required. The FlexiPoint detector brings further versatility and convenience to this new range.

As well as offering 7 different modes of fire detection including combined heat and smoke, it is also available with an inbuilt sounder or inbuilt sounder strobe, which will assist with a compact install solution (as the detector and sounder is all-in-one as opposed to separate units). Due to the different options, FlexiPoint offers convenience for wholesalers and installers, as they will not be required to carry a complete range of devices.

With its adaptability, speed of installation and cost-effectiveness, MAGDUO provides an ideal fire alarm solution for a range of small to medium sized projects such as restaurants, retail outlets, schools, offices, apartments and hotels. ESPi is offering full training on the new system to all wholesalers and installers.

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