Enter A New Phase with Redring’s latest shower

The latest of three new generation showers unveiled to the market, Redring’s Glow is the manufacturer’s premium multi-entry electric shower, boasting an innovative ‘hidden until lit’ digital temperature display, and a phased shutdown feature. Glow has been designed, specified and marketed as a direct result of focus groups with installers, stockists and end users, as Redring is dedicated to delivering what matters most to the customer.

Its phased shutdown anti-scaling capability enables water to run for 6 seconds after the Glow’s stop button has been pressed. This safely clears out any hot water left in the shower and cools the heating element; therefore purging the heated water and minimising limescale build up within the element and the showerhead.

The phased shutdown function improves the shower’s performance, increases the product’s lifespan and has led to the shower gaining three-year warranty as standard.

Lee Stones, Product Marketing Manager at Redring, said, “At Redring our key focus is to be a solutions provider. Extended warranty, installation flexibility and product reliability, matched with competitive pricing is a must for both installers and stockists. We believe that the Glow electric shower delivers on these fronts, proving an ideal solution to what our customers are looking for. “Alongside key features such as SmartFitTM design, modern aesthetics and variable power settings, phased shutdown adds real value to the product by reducing limescale build up to protect and maintain shower performance in hard water areas.” Fully loaded with features, Glow also has a digital temperature display, five-mode showerhead and chrome accents.

For further information on the full range of Redring products, visit www.glendimplexireland.com or call 00353 1 842 4833.