Energy saving controls for heating and cooling

The switches are wall mounted, hard wired and easy to install.

These controls combine an adjustable room thermostat with a passive infra-red person detector. If somebody is present in the room, the heating unit is switched on to achieve the selected thermostat temperature. When nobody is present, the room temperature is allowed to fall to a set-back temperature – reducing energy consumption by restricting the time when the heating is switched on. Versions of the above are also available for cooling loads.

DANLERS heater boost switches for the control of heating loads automatically turn the load off after a selected time has elapsed. Designed for use with immersion heaters, heated towel rails and other suitable electrical loads. Versions are available with different time settings, additionally there are options for switching air conditioning loads. DANLERS energy saving controls are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty.

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