Energia supports Murphy Group with lighting upgrade

Energia representative Ross Sheridan (left) with Seamus Kelly, Site Manager, Murphy Group Wastewater Treatment Plant in Clonmel, County Tipperary. Picture: Alf Harvey

Energia has supported Murphy Group’s efforts to become more sustainable with a lighting upgrade at their sites across the country, helping reduce the carbon footprint at their water and wastewater treatment plants and reduce their lighting energy use by almost 70%.

As part of their lighting upgrades, Murphy Group has replaced outdated lighting with more energy-efficient options at their sites in Clonmel, Portlaoise, Portrane, Skerries, Wexford and Courtown. These lighting solutions have resulted in several key savings for the Murphy Group. At their Clonmel site, the engineering and construction company has seen an energy reduction of approximately 65%. Along with this significant reduction in energy usage, the Clonmel site has seen CO2 savings of 12.6 tonnes and 33,650kWh.

The lighting upgrades are part of Murphy Group’s overall efforts towards lowering their carbon footprint and becoming more sustainable. The company’s energy-saving projects completed in their sites in 2022 are estimated to have reduced their consumption by 3,319,171kWh. This is the equivalent of 1,228 tonnes of carbon.

As a part of this process, Energia arranged for an energy audit to assess the current light levels in place and to capture the company’s consumption data. This information helps prepare the upgraded lighting design, as well as to calculate predicted savings. Energia also assists in the installation of the new lighting products, from the initial ordering to the safe recycling of the old products. The upgrade costs are spread across a number of years while significant savings are visible as soon as the project is complete.

Ross Sheridan from Energia said, “Like Energia, Murphy Group is committed to having a positive impact on the environment in which they work. As one of Ireland’s major suppliers and developers of renewable energy, we understand it is important to continue to embrace new solutions available to achieve that goal. Our lighting upgrades guide businesses through the multitude of new technologies to help them reduce lighting costs and carbon footprint.”

Andrew McCourt, Operation and Maintenance Manager on behalf of Murphy Process Engineering commented, “Safety and sustainability are a core value for us at Murphy Group at the heart of every project we deliver, and at every level of our business. Modern, up-to-date lighting technology is essential to that, and we are delighted to have worked with Energia to upgrade our system. Since our foundation, Murphy Group has been involved in significant developments, so we know the level of expertise needed to make a project a success, and we were pleased to see that in the team at Energia.”

To learn more about Energia’s business lighting solutions, visit energia.ie/lighting