Eliminate false alarms with Siemens Cerberus PRO

Siemens Cerberus PRO fire detectors offer highest possible protection while eliminating false alarms…

Siemens has long prided itself on its Cerberus PRO range of fire detectors as well as its Guarantee Against False Alarms. The cost of unwanted alarms is enormous and includes lost production, lost revenue, loss of reputation and most importantly loss in system confidence. This loss in confidence results in slower evacuation times and a tendency not to follow fire action plans properly.

At the same time Siemens is dedicated to offering the highest protection possible, while remaining conscious of the fact that efforts to reduce false alarms can only be taken so far and we must all be careful not to compromise the safety of occupants and the protection of buildings and assets.

Howard Wilson, Siemens, Sales Manager – Ireland.

Common practice in the market is to reduce false alarms by replacing smoke detection with heat detection or adding delays to the system. From a life protection perspective, either solution can be problematic dependent upon the application. Premises with vulnerable occupants such as care homes are difficult to evacuate, and it is important to detect and respond as quickly as possible. Heat detectors only tend to operate when a fire has already developed to a point where extinguishing by first responders is no longer possible. Delays also significantly eat into valuable response and evacuation times. Property protection can also be significantly compromised with such measures. By the time a heat detector has activated the loss of at least the room where the fire is present is already assured. Usually, the surrounding areas are also damaged and often the entire building can suffer damage or be completely lost.

Siemens Cerberus PRO ASA detectors allow EN54 approved smoke detection to be installed in many applications where normally heat detectors would need to be used. This ensures a significantly faster response and of course greatly improved occupant and property protection. ASA detectors are the culmination of years of experience in smoke detection. Cerberus produced the very first smoke detectors in the 1940’s and in subsequent years have led research in the development of ever-improving detection techniques. ASA detectors use a patented detection chamber design, dual optical sensing technology and Advanced Signal Analysis to optimize detection response while virtually eliminating false alarms from deceptive phenomena such as steam, dust, aerosols, cooking and exhaust fumes. Cerberus PRO ASA detectors have been successfully used outside shower rooms, in kitchens, garages and a wide variety of industrial applications. A version with an additional CO sensor adds the capability to provide a separate Carbon Monoxide alarm output. This can be especially useful in garages for instance where the CO detection can activate ventilation to improve air quality as well as warning of potentially dangerous levels of CO. All Cerberus Pro products are also supplied with a five year warranty.

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