Electrical vehicle charging opportunities for contractors

Darkin EV offering consultancy service to electrical contractors on installation and servicing...

Electrical contractors keen to make the most of the opportunities now available through the growing popularity of electric cars can benefit from the expertise of Darkin EV.

Darkin EV is now offering a consultancy service to electrical contractors in relation to the installation and servicing of electric car charging units.

With car manufacturers reducing their diesel offerings and replacing them with a range of full EV and Hybrid models, electric car use is increasing. EV infrastructure is also increasing in public spaces such as service stations, car-parks, hotels and shopping centres, while there is a growing trend within the business community to include them. Domestic installations are being boosted by grant incentives.

“This is a growing sector with plenty of potential for forward-thinking electrical contractors, so we are delighted to be able to offer this consultancy service,” explained David Dunning, who heads up Darkin EV.

“There is demand for electric charging units in both home and commercial projects and we are able to offer expert guidance alongside the design, supply, installation and maintenance of EV charging units.

“The fact that grants are available in both the UK and Ireland offers incentives to install electric car charging units and alongside the growing interest within the business sector, these are clearly an area that contractors can make the most of.”

Part of the highly successful and award-winning Darkin Group, this new division has quickly made a name for itself as an expert in the lucrative electric car charging sector.

Focused on providing expert guidance alongside the design, supply and installation of EV charging units, Darkin EV has solutions to meet the requirements of home, business and public and environments. From the adaptable wall mounted charger through to public use street chargers and high performance fast DC chargers, the company offers a charging solution from market-leading manufacturers to suit each setting.

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