Economical, highly compatible and easy to install

With the new efficient LED Tube External System, which consists of an LED tube and an external DALI-2 driver, LEDVANCE offers an LED upgrade for existing T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps, which is both dimmable and suitable for emergency lighting. 

Thanks to replaceable components, it is also very economical and promotes sustainability, keeping the circular economy in mind.

As the EU RoHS Directive stipulates that traditional fluorescent lamps may no longer be placed on the market throughout the EU during 2023, many existing lighting systems will have to be upgraded from fluorescent to LED technology in the coming months. 

For most companies, this switch is untimely as they are already facing major economic challenges created by the Coronavirus, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation. In this situation, lighting specialist LEDVANCE is launching an economical, highly compatible and easy-to-install replacement solution: the LED Tube External System.

Dimmable and replaceable, fit for emergency lighting

The DALI-2-capable LED Tube External System consists of two perfectly matched components: an LED tube and an external driver. Following the principle of “Replace components, keep luminaire housing”, even T5 or T8 lamps integrated into a light management system can be upgraded to efficient LED technology quickly, economically and without any compatibility problems. What’s more, the LED Tube External System is dimmable and suitable for emergency lighting. 

Thanks to its versatility, it meets the requirements of a wide variety of applications.

Huge savings, quick payback

Thanks to the optimal system efficiency of the LED tube and driver, as well as relatively low replacement costs, the switch to LED technology using the LED Tube External System pays off for companies after just a few months – especially when the full potential savings are exploited in combination with sensors in a light management system. Once the return on investment has been achieved, the energy costs are up to 60% lower than those of conventional fluorescent lamps, which means a real competitive advantage. 

The LED Tube External System also makes maintenance work down the line particularly economical and sustainable, as individual components can be replaced by a facility manager, for example, keeping the circular economy in focus. 

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