Eccura Max energy monitor – bigger and better

Eccura Max in-home energy monitor with USB data download available from TEC Electric is the largest energy monitoring display on the market...

Eccura Max in-home energy monitor with USB data download.

Eccura Max is the largest energy monitoring display on the market. Now it’s even easier for customers to keep an eye on their energy use at home with Eccura Max In-Home Energy Monitor’s 7.9” display, faster performance, battery for room to-room portability and USB-2.0 port to download your energy consumption data.

The home screen shows the customer exactly what power they are using at that precise time and the cost of the electricity they have used so far that day. The E-Max uses intelligent graphics – like a speedometer to show current energy use and a budget bar to help householder’s keep track of costs. The ‘energy now’ speedometer changes colour from green (low), to yellow (medium usage), to red (high usage).

The E-Max comes with a data history function allowing the customer to compare usage overtime periods, today/yesterday, this week/last week, this month/last month, in cost, kWh and kgCO2.

Energy Data can be easily downloaded into a CSV formatted file – simple plug in the USB memory stick, and watch the display as it quickly uploads the householder’s data to the stick. Plug the USB memory stick into a computer and simply use Excel to read the data stored. The data downloaded includes the latest 31 days, 12 months (hourly), and 24 months.

Peak Tariff and High Usage Alerts

The E-Max shows when the householder is at peak tariff alerting them to avoid using high energy consuming appliances, such as washing machines or tumble dryers at this time. The customer can even set High Usage alert to let them know when they may just have too many things turned on. The E-Max allows the householder to discover the energy consumption of their appliances and set a budget to help them meet their saving target.

Other useful features of the E-Max include Always On function which displays what the home is consuming 24 hours a day and Peak Usage which shows the high usage since installing the display, giving an indication on spikes in consumption. This can also be used for sizing standby generators or solar installations. The E-Max has battery backup, which means it can be carried around the house while checking the power consumption of appliances.

Easy installation 

The sensor clips on the power supply cable (phase) and with its jackplug connects to the transmitter. The monitor receives data wirelessly via the transmitter and displays the demand in kilowatts of energy being consumed at any given time.

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