Eaton combats counterfeits

A concept image of a magnifying glass with a wooden handle on a textured white surface showing the word authentic but magnifying the word fake resembling counterfeitting

Eaton partners with the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA) to promote awareness and collaboration when it comes to anti-counterfeiting activity. Eaton and BEAMA have worked together for more than a decade to combat counterfeiters making fake electrical installation products, and the traders who distribute them to international markets.

The 10th annual International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property (IP) Crime Conference, co-hosted by INTERPOL & the City of London Police in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories, celebrated a decade of success in bringing together public and private sector organisations in a common forum for developing best practices in defeating transnational IP crime.

“Counterfeit electrical products such as wiring accessories, circuit-breakers and fuses are of particular concern because they are a safety hazard, which can cause fires and pose a risk to lives,” said Simon Bircham, brand protection manager, Eaton EMEA. “That’s why Eaton and BEAMA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group put such strong emphasis on collaborating to rid our markets of any fake or dangerous electrical installation products. The IP Crime Conference attracts some of the world’s leading industry figures and law enforcement experts, facilitating collaboration between key players to discuss best practices, new ideas and to enhance the focus of combating counterfeiting.”

Eaton is committed to stopping counterfeiting of electrical products worldwide. Its electrical business is committed to anti-counterfeiting technologies and programs. For additional information about the dangers counterfeit electrical products, please visit Eaton’s site at