E2S is a signal of quality for Caltech

Caltech adds world-renowned E2S warning signals to product line...

AlertAlarm and AlertAlight

Caltech Electrical Supplies Ltd has strengthened their product line and commitment to providing quality products for their customer base with the addition of E2S warning signals to their stable of top brand names. 

The highly specialised electrical and control supplier processes orders from some of the world’s biggest electrical supplies companies to clients representing a wide range of industry sectors from pharmaceutical, biomedical and oil and gas as well as a wide range of electrical contractors all over Ireland. 

The Cork-based business recently doubled their turnover in 2021 despite the current pandemic. This was as a result of an additional customer base and increased demand within their operating sectors. 

Caltech’s exciting new relationship with E2S represents a further step towards delivering an even greater range of high quality product ranges for clients. 

E2S is the world’s leading independent warning signals manufacturer with 30 years of engineering expertise. Their worldwide-approved products combine the latest technology with leading industrial design and build quality to deliver signals you can depend on. 

Working together with system integrators, engineers, and end-users E2S continuously innovate to develop the most comprehensive range of signalling products with substantial benefits such as ease of interface, quick installation, flexible customisation and reliable performance. “This is why our clients around the world trust E2S to protect their people and promote safety in their processes,” explained an E2S spokesperson, adding, “The E2S global network of distributors and partners, sustained by our highly efficient operations and logistics, provide fast product delivery and excellent local customer support.” 

AlertAlarm and AlertAlight
Caltech is now your source for all E2S products including AlertAlarm and AlertAlight, which contain the standard E2S set of 64 international alarm tones and four remotely activated stages/ channels. First and second stage tones can be set individually, permitting greater flexibility in tone choice. Pluggable, duplicated terminals facilitate Class A wiring and reduce installation time. 

The A100/AL100 produces up to 110dBA whilst the industry standard A105N/AL105N utilises an enclosure design with threaded cable entries to simplify installation. A112N/AL112N and A121/AL121 type products contain the latest in Class D amplification and feature additional methods of stage control. 

A choice of two power modes is available during installation, enabling the optimum level of current consumption and sound output to be selected for the application. 

Globally approved to UL and EN standards for fire and general signalling, core products are DNV approved and MED compliant to the latest directive for marine applications across all voltages. Third party approvals are provided by default across the ranges to ensure compliance with the latest standards and directives wherever the application is located. 

The M range signals feature robust, thermoplastic fire-retardant enclosures with 316 (A4) stainless steel mounting brackets – ideal for applications in harsh environments where Type 4/4X/13/3R IP66/67 protection is required. For applications that require an even higher level of sound output the new MA2H alarm horn sounder is now available. Utilising the new E2S ‘2H’ super high output flare horn – engineered to maximise audible signalling performance across the widest range of frequencies – the MA2H offers a sound level of up to 130dB(A). The alarm horn sounder DC voltage range is now 10 to 60Vdc whilst the AC versions now include a universal power supply suitable for inputs of 100 to 240Vac. High voltage DC versions are available on request. 

The STEx family 
The explosion/flameproof STEx family from E2S Warning Signals encompasses audible, visual, and combined warning devices and manual call points, all employing 316L stainless steel enclosures. Designed for installation in the harshest of onshore and offshore environments where corrosion is a particular problem, the units are IECEx and ATEX approved for Zones 1 and 21 for use in hazardous areas containing both gas and dust. Extended certification and operational temperature ranges enable the STEx family to be employed in the most arduous of applications. 

Members of the STEx family are also DNV approved for on-deck marine use. The STExS alarm horn sounders, with a choice of traditional flared or omni-directional horns, are available with 64 alarm tone frequency patterns and outputs up to 123dB(A). STExB beacon light source is available in either a 10, 15 or ultra-bright 21 Joule Xenon strobe, halogen rotating or an array of high output LEDs. STExC combination signals contain both Xenon strobe and audible signals in one compact enclosure – reducing installation time and cost. The field-replaceable colour lens filters feature a prismatic design for enhanced light output, generating industry-leading candela values. 

The STExCP8 call points, approved for deployment in SIL 2 complaint systems, are available with the innovative E2S termination unit, enabling EOL and series devices to be added in the field without disturbing field wiring. The call point range is available in four operating mechanisms: traditional break glass with plastic-coated safety glass, push button, push button with tool reset and momentary action push button. Stainless steel blanking plugs are provided with all units; cable entries are M20, ½” NPT, ¾’’ NPT or M25. All external hardware such as beacon dome guards and mounting brackets are 316 (A4) stainless steel as standard. 

Building on legacy 
Over the last 25 years, Caltech has built up a core group of high-end electrical and control suppliers who they work closely with to give customers an efficient and quality service. Caltech also works closely with engineering houses, contractors and on-site engineers to help develop solutions for a wide range of applications in sectors such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, oil and gas. The new relationship with E2S offers a perfect partnership in that endeavour. 

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