Dowds go around the world in 28 days!

Dowds Group employees raise over £4,430 for their chosen charity, Mates in Mind...

Around the world in 28 days.

Dowds Group employees stacked up a total of over 42,000 miles in 28 days, by walking, cycling, running, swimming and general exercising to raise over £4,430 for their chosen charity, Mates in Mind.

Dowds Group set their employees a health and wellbeing challenge to get the furthest around the world within 28 days by adding up their exercise miles. Split into four groups, staff got into the competitive spirit to build up their individual team’s mileage.

After a tight race with only 200 miles between first and second place, Team Melissa soared ahead during the final weekend to clock up a total of 12,476.66 miles and earn those all important bragging rights.

The aim of the challenge was to support each other’s mental and physical health (particularly important for employees still working remotely from home), as well as stir up a little friendly competition!

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