Do you want to install more downlights in less time for your customer?

Downlights are as high in demand as ever, being an ideal lighting solution for kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas. Downlights, more so than many other light fittings in the home, are installed on a larger scale, often with more than one being fitted. Saxby Lighting understands the demand for efficiency and the importance of installation ease and speed.

The company aims to bridge that gap, which is why Saxby Lighting’s recessed fittings come with a specially designed terminal block to improve the productivity of electrical contractors. This fast-fix connector is supplied with products that are used for multi-product projects, such as fire- rated downlights.

With a compact design and simple close-and-click box protecting the terminal block, it couldn’t be easier to use. The terminal block features piano key terminals with two termination points for the live, neutral and earth cables enabling loop in/loop out wiring. This allows you to connect a number of fittings to one switch or dimmer without having to terminate them at one central point; ideal for large installations. It guarantees you a faster installation and saves you time compared to the regular screw-fix connectors.

In theory, the faster the fitting can be installed, the faster the project will be completed! How do they make the process quick and easy?

Once everything is clipped into place, the strong cord grip meets the necessary standards giving you peace of mind for a quality installation.

You will find the terminal block on all Saxby Lighting new fire- rated downlights, including the new ShieldECO and OrbitalPRO ranges, designed to be used in all applications. They have been independently tested and are fire rated to 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes (30 minutes only for the 12W and 15W OrbitalPRO), adhering to Building Regulations Part 2, and IP65 rated for safe use in bathrooms. Other benefits include Colour Changing Technology (CCT) on the OrbitalPRO, anti- glare light sources, dimmable and available in a choice of finish.