Demesne Electrical launches 2018 catalogue

Bifold white template paper on wood texture

Jam-packed full of new and innovative products, the 2018 Demesne Electrical catalogue offers 162 colour pages of the latest products from this leading electrical distributor.

Demesne have been providing the electrical industry in Ireland with quality products for over 40 years. Since 1977, the electrical distributor has been at the forefront of supplying leading edge electrical components in Ireland &and the UK while the launch of our web shop in 2016, has taken the company to an international level.

New for 2018 in the catalogue is the range of brand new products, including:

  • Energenie MiHome smart thermostats
  • CMP ATEX rated cable glands and accessories
  • ATEX rated junction boxes from Emerson
  • ATEX LED lighting from Chalmit
  • Complete range of industrial LED lighting solutions
  • Electrical testing equipment and thermal imaging cameras from Martindale
  • Benman Electricians’ screwdriver and pliers sets
  • Starett multipurpose hole saws
  • Heat Shrink HandyBox from DSG

The Demesne Electrical catalogue also includes the complete ATEX rated range for 2018.

This existing product ranges has been upgraded dramatically and Demesne can now offer a comprehensive range of ATEX rated electrical enclosures and junction boxes; ATEX rated LED lighting; ATEX cable glands and blanks; ATEX industrial plugs and sockets; and ATEX enclosed isolators and control stations. As ever, the Demesne Electrical catalogue includes the company’s long-term partners, including, Schneider motor control and automation; Fibox GRP and ABS enclosures; Telehaase monitoring relays and timers; Katko isolators and switch fuses; and Eta mild and stainless steel enclosures.

Other long-term partners include Conta clip din rail terminals; Dehn lightning and surge protection; Siemens low and medium voltage range and Wohner busbar systems to name a few.

Get your copy…

The 2018 Demesne Electrical catalogue is available in both digital and hard copy formats.
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