Crossan Electrical Wholesale illuminates Panelto Foods

The IEBG member helps Panelto Foods enjoy a slice of energy efficient lighting

Crossan Electrical Wholesale – a member of the Irish Electrical Buying Group (IEBG) – has helped a leading Irish food company to further enhance its energy-saving credentials as part of a lighting upgrade project.

Panelto Foods produces a range of high quality artisan par-baked sandwich breads and speciality rolls for the Irish and UK retail and food service markets. Earlier this year, the company expanded its facilities at the Longford Business & Technology Park, on the outskirts of Longford town, creating an additional 110 jobs.

In order to ensure the existing facilities matched the standard of the new factory, Panelto Foods opted to upgrade the lighting. “We worked closely with the team at Panelto Foods on this upgrade to their existing operations,” explained Sean Crossan, Managing Director of Crossan Electrical Wholesale. “The aim was to provide an energy- efficient solution and, thanks to our relationship with ROBUS LED, we were able to deliver a complete LED retrofit.

“Panelto Foods is a major employer in the local area and a forward- thinking company, so we are delighted to have been able to work on this project with them and showcase our ability to meet our customer’s needs.”

The project wasn’t just limited to supplying innovative lighting, however. Crossan Electrical Wholesale also worked closely with Panelto Foods on grant applications to the SEAI and Energia.

“That is an important part of the service that we provide. It is about more than just taking an order and delivering it. Our aim is to help our customers every step of the way and that can include helping them source specific products, linking them directly with leading manufacturers or completing grant applications.”

Being part of the IEBG is clearly a boost for companies such as Crossan Electrical Wholesale as it allows them to match the buying power of the multinationals.

With 17 members across Ireland, covering practically every county in the country, the IEBG provides independent wholesalers that already have vast experiencing in servicing the electrical distribution market with greater access to suppliers and market-leading products.

For Crossan Electrical Wholesale, the ability to purchase the same products as multinationals is just one of the many advantages of being part of the IEBG. The branch has been part of the group since the very beginning and now has access to a whole range of brands that may not have been available to it as an independent wholesaler.

Customers at Crossan Electrical Wholesale include electrical contractors, industrial customers in the Midlands, the agricultural industry and members of the public. As the economy has changed in Longford over the past 20 years, so too has the branch’s customer base.

The industrial sector has been replaced by customers from the domestic and agricultural industry, and, with so much one-off housing going on in the county, Crossan Electrical Wholesale is busier than ever.

A team of knowledgeable and competent staff (three full-time and one part-time) strive to ensure all customer needs are met, while a dedicated delivery service is ready and able to deliver to any address, at any time.

Sean added, “We have always had a great service and that is what our success is based on, but being an IEBG member allows us to ensure that we can compete in terms of product range and price. It’s a formula that really works.”

52 Main Street, Longford
T: 043 334 6109