Fire safety in built environments: be compliant with Core

The UK and Ireland are experiencing an increasing number of fire safety breaches. The majority of subsequent incidents arise as a result of a lack of compliance with the Building Regulations.

Core Electrical is actively campaigning for compliance with these fire safety regulations and is supporting clients, consultant engineers and electrical contractors to deliver installations which meet legal requirements.

John McDonagh, Projects Division Sales Manager for Core in Ireland, comments, “Too often, tight deadlines and budgets drive down quality and installation standards. Yet failure to comply can lead to consequences far greater than the economic cost for the parties involved. At Core, we actively promote fire safety in construction projects as a priority. Our ability to supply complete systems provides the assurance of a fully compliant electrical installation.”

As a creator of intelligent electrical solutions, Core prides itself on helping customers meet legal requirements whilst remaining efficient. The company’s specific solutions ensure your electrical installation is compliant with fire regulations. Core also supports the project by providing design and installation advice as well as testing, commissioning and on-going maintenance services.

John Berry, Cable Management Engineer, elaborates, “Modern buildings in Ireland and the UK should have active fire safety systems that fulfil three goals – insulate fire compartments to limit the spread of flame, smoke and fumes; protect escape routes to allow safe evacuation from the building and enable fire fighters to safely tackle the fire; and maintain the power supply to critical life safety, emergency, evacuation and fire-fighting systems.

“Electrical systems and equipment must therefore be installed, tested and commissioned in line with the standards demanded by the regulatory bodies – the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) in Ireland and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in the UK.”

He continues, “Benefiting from our partnerships with leading European manufacturers, we have developed specialised solutions to ensure conformity with these various standards, namely IS 3217 and 3218, BS 7671 and BS 8519.“

Core’s fire-rated solutions include modular wiring (integrating LSOH, E90 and I120 flat cables); cable containment, supports and fire box systems (tested to DIN 4102 part 12 – function maintenance class E90); and emergency lighting (addressable or stand-alone, self-contained systems to maintain integrity and the risk of reduce human error). These systems are high performance and incredibly fast and simple to install.

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