Construction accidents in decline despite increase in activity

The construction industry is on track to have the lowest recorded workplace fatalities this year, with two recorded deaths in 2019.

That’s according to the Health and Safety Authority who has reported 164 non-fatal workplace incidents in construction from January to June 2019.

Those statistics are declining year on year, with three fatalities and 278 non-fatal incidents recorded by the HSA during the same period in 2018.

This trend has been led by construction companies adopting behavioural, technological and psychological best practice to embed safety on thousands of sites around the country.

Dermot Carey, Director, Safety & Training at the CIF, said; “The research will show that the moment you feel safe on site is the moment you can become complacent, so construction companies will constantly remind workers through a range of channels and practices to think about safety and act safely.”

The CIF has officially launched Construction Safety Week 2019 which will run from 21st – 25th October.