Collingwood Lighting – LEDS done differently

From initial designs through to installation, this led specialist views every step of the process as being important

From the very beginning, Collingwood Lighting has proven to be different. Back in 2001, the company recognised the potential of LEDs and deviated Collingwood Lighting away from the industry’s status quo by creating the first dedicated lighting product.

That move revolutionised the lighting industry and, in terms of products and service, this forward- thinking philosophy remains at the company’s core.

“There is a lot of choice out there with LED lighting, so we work hard to offer something different,” explained Ricky Somerville, Area Sales Representative in Ireland for Collingwood Lighting. “We are accessible at every level, offering technical support, lighting design and project management as well as site and office visits. We have high levels of knowledge and expertise and you can benefit from this alongside an exceptionally high quality product range.

“It is all about giving you the information to make the right choice and then helping you every step of the way.”

Working with both wholesalers and contractors, the Collingwood Lighting team delivers unrivalled levels of customer support that is only matched by the company’s product range.

Efficiency is at the heart of this, with Collingwood Lighting’s products providing economical, efficient, safer, greener, longer lasting solutions.

The fact that the product range is backed by an extended warranty on all products carrying the G3 3-year, G4 4-year, G5 5-year or G7 7-year logo reflects Collingwood’s confidence and offers additional peace of mind customers.

The extensive product range covers everything from downlights, wall lights and landscaping lighting through to strip lighting, bollard lighting and colour changing solutions. These are suitable for a numerous applications in both the residential and commercial sectors, with Collingwood Lighting being successfully used in projects such as new bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms as well as in hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and across the retail sector.

“Lighting is integral to every project, so it is important to make the right choices,” added Ricky. “Our range of innovative products make finding the right solution a lot easier, and when this is backed by our customer service, choosing Collingwood Lighting makes sense.”

Ricky Somerville, Area Sales Representative
T: 0044 (0) 7875 500 677