Clean cuts with Klauke with the new DIN rail cutter

Panel builders use large quantities of both DIN rail for mounting components in control panels and plastic conduit trunking for keeping wiring neat and organised. Both components are typically supplied in 3m lengths, so the need to cut them is an essential part of each day.

The new DIN rail cutter creates accurate cuts, thanks to the built-in measuring device to enable set lengths to be set up and then cut equally. The finished end retains the profile shape without distortion and without any burr, thereby eliminating time spent deburring with files or reshaping.

The long handle creates high leverage cuts with minimal input from the operator through its five popular DIN rail profiles. Cutting of plastic cable trunking can be achieved with a very similar tool. The maintenance-free cutting mechanism is housed in high quality stainless steel that can even cut through even tough halogen free trunking up to 125 x 2.5mm.

The blade is safely guarded by a protective spring-loaded shield to prevent damage or injury. In addition, the operation lever mechanism is equipped with a reset spring. This means that the hand lever automatically returns to the initial position after the cutting operation, ensuring that the blade is always under the protective cover and eliminating any chance of injury.

Both these cutting tools are part of the Greenlee tools comprehensive range for panel builders, available from Demesne. Download the data sheet at

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