CIF study details impact of Irish lockdown

CIF presents report to Irish Government on impact of construction shutdown...

An independent economic report has laid bare the impact of the partial lockdown of construction on the industry, its employees, clients, and the wider economy. The CIF presented the report to the Irish Government to demonstrate that the shutdown’s negative impacts are unnecessary as HSE evidence shows construction does not impact on Covid-19 spread.

Commenting on the study CIF, Director General, Tom Parlon, said, “HSE monitoring of construction has shown minimal cases since September. This is because the industry can operate at full capacity without contributing to the spread of Covid-19. This report reveals that every week of this unnecessary shutdown costs 800 homes, €427m in lost output, €156m per week in lost profit and wages, €32m in lost Exchequer revenues and almost 2,800 fewer persons employed. In addition, 60,000 construction workers, instead of contributing to the economy safely, are costing the Exchequer €21m in PUP weekly.