As simple as ‘Klik

Co-designed by Hager, Chronotherm and Vintero, Klik provides mechanical and electrical connection in one plug-in action. The advantages to using the Heating Klik system are significant, explains Tom Noone, Managing Director at the company.Chronotherm_Heating-Controls-3

“Using the considerable electrical knowledge of Terry Kelly of Vintero, who has over 30 years’ experience in electrical heating controls installation and working closely with Hager and Chronotherm, Heating Klik was designed to cut out a certain amount of wiring that an electrician or plumber has to do when installing a home-heating system.

“Up to recently, the norm was to use a multi-block connector wiring centre, which can be quite a messy job. This process is eliminated by Klik, a semi pre-plug system that fits onto a connector box.

”An additional and significant advantage of the new Klik system is the ability to perform mandatory test requirements such as loop impedance and RCD testing. Klik also provides motorised valve actuator isolation which may become a mandatory requirement in the near future.With the new product, motorised valves actuators can be plugged-in in seconds, without circuit isolation and provide full interlock, as required under Part L of the UK and Irish building regulations. The non-wander design also prevents disconnection of the plug from its socket by vibration or snatch withdrawals.

The Klik product exceeds relevant standard requirements and also allows for compliance with IEE wiring regulations and safety regulations. Safety is a major factor with Heating Klik. Mechanical and electrical connections made in one ‘click-in’ action save time and allow for safe installation.

Designed for on load isolation, Klik allows individual motorised valves to be removed for maintenance without affecting other heating controls on the circuit. As already mentioned, maintenance testing and installation tasks can be carried out speedily and safely. All plug-in connectors are factory prewired and sealed. In addition each plug-in connector is colour coded so as to indicate which heating or hot water zone it relates to:

Heating Zone 1 has a ‘White’ indicator
Heating Zone 2 has a ‘Black’ indicator
Hot Water Zone has a ‘Red’ indicator
Blank Connector has a ‘Blue’ indicator

Programmer and thermostats are wired into a Klik Marshalling Box which can cater for up to three zones. The Marshalling Box has seven copper bus bars, each dedicated to specific tasks:

Room Stat 1
Room Stat 2
Cylinder Stat
Permanent Live
Switched Live Out

The plug-in connectors are designed similar to a key and only Zone 1, for example, will activate when the relevant Klik connector is attached to the Marshalling Box (hence the importance of the connector colour coding).

Another advantage of the key type plug-in connector is that it is impossible to misconnect the various zones at the Marshalling Box. Each Marshalling Box has a fourth connection point. This is where the blank connector is fitted. This is done for safety reasons. However, the great advantage of the fourth connection point is that this is where loop impedance and RCD testing can be performed, using appropriate testing equipment (nearly all makes of test meters are suitable for use).

All plugs are factory pre-wired using the CTC motorised valve actuator plug-in cable, in Hager’s UK manufacturing facility. This plug-in cable is designed for use with Chronotherm’s CTC brand of motorised valves. The range consists of a quick release actuator and valves suitable for either imperial or metric sized copper pipe. The actuator is also equipped with a Power On LED and comes with a white cover.Heating Klik was launched onto the Irish market early last year and has been demonstrated at trade shows during 2015.

“We’re slowly but surely getting it out onto the market and we’ve been having an excellent response from the industry. Klik also complies with proposed upcoming regulations and when passed, these regulations will certainly make the product more mainstream,” says Tom. Another benefit of Klik is faster installation time which makes a significant contribution to both the on-site wiring and on-going maintenance costs. “The product allows contractors to isolate the zone valves which may be called for under the new regulations,” adds Tom.

Klik is currently being used on a couple of sites in Dublin and proving successful.

“It costs a builder an additional €150 to install per house but against that you have to take away savings the contractors will experience through rapid installation. We’ve had great reaction from individual plumbers and electricians in terms of practical advantages. It’s also an ideal product for maintenance and post installation of service.”


Klik will be on display on the Chronotherm Controls stands at the following exhibitions in 2016.

Plumbex, Citywest Hotel, Dublin – 25th-26 May
Plumb Power Heat Light, Titantic Exhibition Centre, Belfast – 7th-8th September
Electrical Trade Show, Citywest Hotel, Dublin – 5th/6th October

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