Choose Cerberus PRO

Fire & Security experts from across Ireland explain why they choose Cerberus Pro as their fire detection system...

Howard Wilson, Siemens, Sales Manager - Ireland.

The Cerberus PRO fire detection system from Siemens Building Products offers maximum protection with minimum disruption by false alarms backed by a five year warranty.

Howard Wilson, sales manager for Siemens Building Products commented, “Cerberus PRO is an open protocol offering and is available from our network of solution partners on the island of Ireland. The following demonstrate why they partner with us.”

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Diamond Systems
“Diamond Systems have over 30 years’ experience as specialists in the fire and security industry. We deliver compliant, innovative and sustainable solutions, and select our partners on the basis of their alignment to our core values. We are delighted to have been a Cerberus PRO partner for over seven years and look forward to further developing the brand, as we continue to grow the business.” – Angela Bennett, Joint Managing Director.

Fire Protection Ireland
“Fire Protection Ireland provide an extremely high standard within the Fire Alarm Sector. It’s vital that when designing a Fire Alarm System, we choose high quality products. Life Safety Systems play an extremely serious role within Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential and Commercial Sectors. We have analysed a wide range of different Fire Detection system Manufacturers and found Cerberus PRO to be the pinnacle in its field, which is why we chose to become a partner of Siemens.” – Sean Sharkey, CEO.

Rostek Group
“At Rostek Group we chose Cerberus PRO as our primary fire alarm equipment due to its durability, reliability and false alarm free solution. Siemens have always been a leading manufacturer of fire detection products. Using superior quality products ensures that we can provide the highest level of Fire & Life safety protection to our clients. This made it an easy choice for us.” – Fergus Myles, Managing Director.

Sygma Automation
“Sygma Automation decided to supply and commission Cerberus PRO for many reasons. It has the full range of equipment, suitable for single station to large multiple station applications. The range and specifications of the products, including intrinsically safe equipment, is second to none with the use of ASA technology guaranteeing freedom from false alarms. The costs are very competitive with a 5-year warranty issued as standard.” – Donal Fennessy, Fire Systems Manager.

Wilec Fire & Security
“Wilec Fire & Security spend considerable time and investment in product selection, and we are pleased to announce that we have selected the Cerberus PRO range to our product partner of choice. We work on some of the largest, complex and demanding projects in Ireland and across Europe and product selection is key. The products that we install and maintain must be at the forefront of technology, be tried and tested in harsh and demanding environments and most importantly work reliably and continuously. We are confident Cerberus Pro meets these criteria.” – William O’Connell, Managing Director.



For further information on the Cerberus PRO fire detection systems contact Howard Wilson, Sales Manager – Ireland on +353 (0) 86 031 8480, or email: