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Find out why Flexicon from Core Distribution is the superior cabling solution...

Flexible conduits provide incredible protection in the most technically and physically demanding environments where system integrity and safety are critical.

In addition to the obvious advantages – simplicity, speed of installation, lifetime solution and system integrity – flexible conduits also allow users and specifiers to do things differently; to challenge traditional installation practices and offer unrivalled product performance.

Risks and hazards to cabling can vary significantly depending on application, operating environments and conditions, which is why one system does not necessarily suit all. The performance properties of flexible conduit solutions can minimise your risk, however, incorrect specification could lead to critical failures for your cabling and installation.

Mechanical protection
Flexicon products are available in Ireland through Core Distribution and have been designed and tested for dynamic applications. Whether an installation is fixed or subjected to continuous movement, vibration can be a potential hazard, which needs careful consideration. Infrastructure can potentially be exposed to vibration, impact and other mechanical forces which could compromise system integrity.

Flexicon products can help avoid disruption in case of:
• Theft and Vandalism: Stealing, unauthorised removal or deliberate damage
• Tensile Strength: Resistance to conduit being pulled from the fitting
• Abrasion: Process of scraping or wearing something away

Ingress protection
Flooding is one of the most extreme forms of hazards for electrical systems. If product is submerged ingress protection becomes critical. Flexicon carries out extensive ingress testing – far superior to standard tests – to give customers confidence that true performance is adequately represented in real life installations:

• IPx8 carried out at 2 bar for 1 hour at minimum bend radius
• IPx8 carried out at 1 metre under water for 72 hours at minimum bend radius
• IPx8 carried out under water and ice at minimum bend radius for 5 cycles of; 10 hours at -15°C followed by 5 hours at +40°C
• Flexing conduit under water for 5 days (exhibition display)

Hazardous areas: fire, oil and gas requirements
Hazardous areas occur where a flammable mixture of gas and air, or dust and air can exist in large enough quantities and for long enough periods to create a risk of explosion if an ignition source is present. System integrity and safety are critical for these technically and physically demanding environments.

Flexicon offer a choice of 16 standard products, which allow tailored solutions, which are available off-the-shelf, minimising lead times and downtimes along with the following benefits:

• Enhance safety and system integrity
• Extended service life
• Corrosion resistance (harshest environments)
• Minimise downtime
• Reduce installation time
• Reduce cost and weight

Combining flexible conduit system with Flameproof EXD glands, contractors and operators can ensure they can mechanically protect their cabling installation without compromising on safety, therefore protecting people and assets.

Flexicon fittings and glands are tested to the required standards:

• Highly flame retardant, to prevent a fire starting or limit its development if one does start • Low smoke emission in the event of a fire to allow people greater visibility to see escape route
• Low toxicity in the event of a fire to prevent people from becoming overcome by fumes or poisonous gases
• Halogen-free and does not contain fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine.
Does not produce highly toxic fumes and thick smoke

Hygiene and food requirements
Safety, hygiene and efficiency are all of paramount importance for a variety of applications such as food and beverage processing. Because they offer a smooth, easy to clean surface, flexible conduits protect against the build-up of microbes and bacteria and also ensure that cleaning processes do not damage or compromise equipment operation. They therefore create a complete system ideal for food and beverage, machinery, OEMs, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.

Flexicon are the leading solutions provider to protect your critical power and data cables from damage caused by mechanical, electrical or environmental influences. Manufactured in accordance with EN1672-2 and EN ISO 14159, Flexicon’s new range of Stainless-Steel Round Connection boxes have been designed using SS Grade 316L and feature a range of connection options. Hygienic Glands are available as a short-thread version to ensure a secure connection while maximising wiring space within the box.

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