Cable installations and fire safety – the importance of fixings

Recent high-profile incidents have thrown the spotlight on the need to ensure fire safety is a prime consideration in the design of both commercial and residential buildings.

It seems an odd situation to find a contractor buying a premium, high performance cable, but compromising the integrity of the installation as a whole by the use of substandard accessories.

As a cable system provider of both cables and accessories, Prysmian Group recognises that the performance of any installation relies just as much on the quality of the lower value accessory as of the cable.

“We know from our own distribution throughout Ireland that demand for high-quality, fire-resistant cable is strong but we have noted that there is less understanding of the quality issues surrounding accessories – the fixings, glands and connectors that are essential to ensure a cable installation performs as anticipated in the event of a fire,” according to Fergus O’Callaghan, Managing Director, Precision Cables.

Prysmian Group would always recommend to use cable and accessories from a single manufacturer as there is then an assurance that the entire system will be designed to function as an integrated whole and will not be compromised by a single weak link. The BICON® range from Prysmian is manufactured to British, European and international standards and are the result of over 100 years of cable accessory development and quality engineering.

Prysmian and BiCon products are available in Ireland from Precision Cables.

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