Bigger and better

Make the right choice with the new 100kn punching tool from Greenlee...

Hole punching in sheet metal has become even easier since the launch of the new punch driver from Greenlee. Available from Klauke, the new LS100flex has 100KN punching power, enabling it to punch larger holes into thicker materials. The compact design has a rotatable head to allow access into confined areas and can handle all punches that have traditionally needed the foot pump to power.

Anywhere a foot pump is in use, the new LS100Flex can replace it – smaller, lighter, faster and easier to operate. The new tool is capable of punching 3.0mm stainless steel up to 104.8mm and in addition, all your existing Greenlee punches are compatible with the new tool. This efficient and clever tool also features an auto-stop that helps prevent any damage to punch and die on completion of the hole.

There is even a compact screen to display handy information on battery power, peak force and service interval reminders.

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