BG takes the socket revolution to a new level

A few decades ago, the idea of one family sharing a computer was an optimistic thought for manufacturers. Now, everyone has one in their pocket. As a result, the advent of computers, the internet and mobile technology has brought with it the biggest change to the average household since the introduction of electricity. With that, Wi-Fi is now viewed as being as valuable a necessity as electricity for everyday life and business – it has even been called a human right by six nations with others debating the issue. With over a third of British adults owning at least two mobile devices, and one in ten having at least four mobile devices and more than four TVs, it is clear to see the outlet is feeling the strain.

Seeing these changes in British households and trends in technology, British General (BG) sought to develop and produce a product which was tailored to a family’s vital appliances whilst helping keep them connected. The most recent example of this product development is the launch of the new Wi-Fi Range Extender Socket which also includes USB charging ports. These product ranges seamlessly incorporate the reliable charge of a conventional plug socket with two useful USB features for the modern home. Using ‘Smart USB’ charging technology, it recognises the connected device and adapts the charge pattern to ensure compatibility.

The product’s smart electronics monitor the load and will automatically shut down in an overload condition, preventing the risk of damage to the connected device. This development found a gap in both the marketplace and regulations, which caused the BS1363-2 standard to be updated to include USB sockets.

BG’s unique Wi-Fi Socket Range Extender is the first of its kind, designed to eliminate patchy Wi-Fi zones in your home or property. From computers and mobile devices to smart TVs, a strong wireless connection is more important now than ever. However, householders are hampered and frustrated by dense walls or new conversions which are just out of reach of an ideal connection. This device can extend a Wi-Fi router’s range by 300Mbps or up to 30 meters. Easily integrating into everyday wireless routers, it is simple to both t and use, repeating your signal strength to help you stay connected.

Both product ranges are designed for quick-and-easy retrofitting. Manufactured to t into a standard 25mm wall box, it allows easy installation and replacement of an existing socket. BG is proud to have played a small part in the history and the evolution of the socket, with the unique Wi-Fi Socket Range Extender just part of BG’s now market-leading USB Sockets. Starting with a 35mm backbox with two USB outlets providing a 2.1A charge, BG found a demand in British and Irish households for better charging.

Freeing up your outlet by providing two USB charging ports, it was an immediate hit. Seeing this response from the market, the company has continually built on its USB Socket range and adapted it to better serve customers. From a 35mm backbox, BG has compressed and packed its new models into a 25mm backbox for easier retrofitting. These are available in a variety of finishes to seamlessly integrate into your home. With the option of single and double sockets, BG offers up to four USB charging ports to meet the growing demands for charging tablets and mobile devices. BG also continues to develop its range to keep up with technology.

When the company first launched its USB Sockets, a 2.1A was considered a sufficient charge. With phones and tablets becoming more powerful, charging power has now been increased to a 3.1A and 4.2A charge to keep up with these changing times. With the next trend or innovation pulling the industry and homeowners in a certain direction, the British and Irish public will have to wait and see how the socket might adapt to meet it. But you can be certain of one thing – that BG Electrical will be at the forefront with a product to meet your needs.