Benefits of electric heating in the home

Heating a home is easy with the wide range of styles, heating methods and sizes available from Dimplex...

Electric heating is a perfect heating solution for smaller buildings with low energy requirements. It also helps to reduce the overall carbon impact of a building which is critical for our green future. So why choose electric heating?

Electric heating doesn’t require a flue or pipe-work so there are no restrictions on building layout or design and no regulatory or planning issues associated with positioning of flues.

Electric heaters can also be installed virtually anywhere in the room, again aiding freedom of design.

Whatever type of heating you choose, safety is always an important consideration. Because electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, there are none of the associated safetey risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. As there are no radiators to leak or burst, there is less risk of damage to properties.

Dimplex electric heating products are a green alternative. They are 100% energy efficient, converting every bit of the input energy to heat. They also reduce environmental impact compared to other fuel types. Plus, they contribute to a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Other benefits include low installation costs, low lifetime costs, comfort and control and a zone heating solution that helps keep energy costs down by simply heating the rooms you spend the most time in, instead of heating the entire home.

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