Belfast kicks off ECA’s national Net Zero Roadshow series

ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association) launched its national Net Zero Roadshow at the Crown Plaza in Belfast on November 7.

This initiative is designed to give ECA Members a competitive edge in an ever-expanding market. As the demand for low-carbon and net-zero projects continues to surge, electrical and engineering services contractors find themselves at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable future.

With mass electrification gaining momentum, the growth opportunities in NI are unparalleled. Whether ECA members specialise in domestic or commercial projects, in the public or private sector, Net Zero is reshaping the landscape of our industry. While NI lags three to five years behind GB, the business potential remains vast and largely untapped.

It’s crucial not to lag behind. While order books may be filled today, embracing the principles of Net Zero can safeguard your profits and ensure long-term sustainability for your business. Qualified electricians are pivotal to the success of Net Zero. In every sector and aspect of life, your expertise is in high demand. The UK’s Net Zero goals cannot be achieved without your contributions.

During the event at the Crown Plaza, ECA experts delved into the intricacies of low-carbon energy installation, exploring opportunities and challenges, as well as strategies to adapt business models for growth and competitiveness. The discussions also revolved around upskilling the workforce, viewing training as an investment in the development of new skills. Practical considerations, such as effectively integrating renewables into the grid without compromising capacity or safety, were a central focus.

These roadshows build on the success of ECA’s award-winning Leading the Charge campaign, which emphasises the electrotechnical sector’s pivotal role in the journey toward achieving net-zero emissions.

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