Bahco’s ‘slim blade’ screwdriver solves old problem

Bahco designers have solved a problem many electricians have wrestled with for years: how to reach sunken screws and spring elements in tight spaces, such as consumer units, safely and easily.

Not only is the blade of the new ‘Slim’ 1000V insulated screwdriver, which Bahco manufactures, 30% narrower than others but its ergonomic handle is slimmer too. With many 1000v screwdrivers the insulation often obstructs and prevents access to low lying fasteners.

Bahco’s solution reduces the blade diameter and uses integrated protective insulation. The new screwdriver also enables a higher transfer of force with less effort, while its ergonomic features protect hands from the risk of muscle strain or injury.

Safety has always been a top priority for Bahco. All the brand’s insulated screwdrivers are water bath tested at 10,000v to ensure safe working at 1000v, fully meeting the IEC 60900 Standard. The quality of the ‘Slim’ screwdriver’s blade exceeds current standards relating to hardness by 130% and in relation to torque strength by 200%.

Several materials, each with individual properties, are used to make the ergonomic handle. A resistant plastic is used for the core, ensuring that the blade is held securely, even under high strain.

A softer material is used for the coloured zones, providing high frictional resistance and allowing the transfer of high forces, resulting in less screwdriving effort being required.

Screw head symbols and tip size identification markings make it easier for electricians to find the screwdriver they need for each task.

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