Bahco strengthens VDE tool range

Bahco has strengthened its range of insulated screwdrivers and pliers...

The Bahco ERGO and VDE certified screwdrivers.

Bahco has strengthened its range of insulated screwdrivers and pliers, which are VDE certified, providing electricians and other users with an extra safeguard. The VDE tools now include an insulated, thumbscrew adjustable wrench, suitable for electrical, plumbing and automotive tasks.

All Bahco insulated screwdrivers, plier sets and wrenches meet the international IEC 60900 standard and every tool is tested at 10,000V to ensure it is safe to use for working live at up to 1,000V. While insulated tools provide vital safety protection, Bahco’s ERGOTM tools, many of them VDE certified, protect hands and wrists from the risk of muscle strain or injury, which using tools every working day can cause. These tools fit the contours of the user’s hand, providing safe, firm grip and ‘feel’ as well as enabling maximum force. VDE stands for Verband der Elektrotechnick, the original Association of German Electrical Engineers. To gain VDE certification, tools have to pass independent, tough safety and quality tests.

Bahco’s VDE range includes ERGOTM standard diameter or slim blade insulated screwdrivers with a choice of slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex or Torx® heads. BahcoFit VDE screwdrivers are also available with the same choice of heads, individually or in sets of two, five or 12 pieces. VDE plier sets include insulated cable cutters, wire stripping pliers and combination, side cutting, end cutting, tip angled and round or long flat nose pliers.

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