Aurora Lighting launch Bluetooth Smart range

A super, simple smart solution from Aurora Lighting that can be used straight out of the box...

Connect.Control has four levels of control.

Operated with Bluetooth technology, Aurora Lighting’s newly launched AOne Connect.Control manages lighting with just a click of a remote control. Whether it’s installed in the lounge, dining room or children’s bedroom, anyone in the household can easily set the lighting to their preference. Simply open the box, install the light fittings, turn on the remote and you’ve got smart lighting. Users don’t even need a hub or have to download an app.

The remotes can be grouped to each room and users can access six RGB colours, trigger five pre-programmed scenes, set brightness or adjust colour temperature from warm to cool. Connect.Control is designed around four levels of control, allowing users a simple upgrade path. The introduction of this system enables contractors to offer and use either of the two AOne Systems – Bluetooth or Zigbee – in their projects.

Chris Hill, Aurora’s Product Manager for AOne, says, “The beauty of this system is that it can easily be used by anyone in the family or household. There’s no sign ins to apps required by each member or anything like that. All they need to do is pick up the remote for that room to set the lighting to their taste, which makes life much easier for everyone.”

The AOne Connect.Control kits and products are available from your nearest wholesalers nationwide.

To find out more call Des Duignan, Director of Sales and Projects in Ireland and Northern Ireland: +353 (0)83 420 6847; email: or visit: