ATC team embraces ‘Lean Environment’

ATC team members complete training program as part of continuous improvement...

(L-R) Graham Bennett, Liam Murray, Carol Lawlor, Peter Lawlor, Kieran Prendergast, Daniel Dalby, Eduard Mihoc and Paul Bennet with their certifications of completion.

Since 1991, ATC has been a leader in the development, design and distribution of energy-efficient products. Most recently, members from the team have completed an 8-month training programme as part of the 5S Lean Plus Project with Redefine, with objectives including improving efficiencies, green competitiveness, and health and safety in the workplace. 5S aims to inspire a sense of order and control to operation and can set the stage for a shift in culture fromfirefightingtowardscontinuous improvement.

The ATC warehouse, quality and technical departments received 5S Training, updates on environmental and health and safety issues as well as an introduction to Lean Tools, such as ‘Just in Time’ principles.

What has the programme done for ATC?

  • 30% increase in warehouse capacity by installing new high bay racking and improving stock storage.
  • Improved goods, services and materials ‘flow’ just in time to customer demand.
  • A better work environment by replacing all high bay lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Reduced downtime in manually wrapping pallets in the warehouse, with investment in an automated pallet-wrapping machine resulting in a 15% reduction in goods out cycle time.
  • Improved communications between all teams with the introduction of Visual Management Techniques including signage and Kanban boards, which allow information to flow seamlessly through the organisation.
  • Improved productivity in Technical and Quality Testing departments with the creation of new procedures and project plans, as well as new shelving and locations for all work tools.
  • Comprehensive policies and procedures and a strict audit schedule to ensure long-term implementation and achievement of all efficiencies.
  • Integration of 5S Principles with the ATC ISO Quality Accreditation.
  • Eliminating waste and the introduction of measures to increase recycling efforts, including rain water and a more detailed Environmental Policy.
  • Enhanced health and safety procedures, with staff training and a comprehensive floor plan showing the key areas for health and safety zones.
  • A safe, healthy and orderly work environment following a systematic clean-up process.
  • Improved teamwork and staff morale contributing to the existing ‘quality culture’ in the company.

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