At the very Core of trunking for education sector

Core Distribution supplies high quality Marshall-Tufflex trunking systems for contractors working in the education sector…

Core Distribution is the Ireland-wide supplier of Marshall-Tufflex’s comprehensive cable management systems, ideal for the education sector. Marshall-Tufflex and Core Distribution have been supplying trunking systems to the educational facilities in Ireland for over 40 years, continuously updating their product ranges to meet and surpass the latest industry developments. Together they understand the increasing demand for cable management products that enable the distribution of power and high-speed data services.

Core has one of the largest of stocks of cable management products in Ireland and their partnership with Marshall-Tufflex means they can apply their vast experience and technical knowledge to not only meet these requirements but also to provide future-proof cable management solutions.

The Marshal-Tufflex range of trunking systems is available in PVC-U, aluminium and steel with designs, dimensions and cable capacities to meet the latest standards and to accommodate building designs and construction parameters. BIM models and data are available to facilitate detailed digital construction planning methods.

Their products can comply with Part M for the visually impaired and their anti-microbial trunking systems prevent 99.9% of harmful bacterial growth. All of their trunkings for educational environments are Cat7a compliant.

PCV-U trunking
Sterling Compact is an economical and stylish three-compartment trunking. Each compartment can be accessed independently. Sterling Profile 1, 2 and 3 is a popular, stylish, medium-sized system for dado and skirting applications with three segregated compartments. Sterling Profile 1 has been tried and tested within the educational environment over many years.

Sterling Curve Profile 1 and 2 is a stylish, medium-sized trunking system for dado and skirting applications with three segregated compartments. Sterling Curve Profile 1 has curved outer compartments designed to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and make cleaning easier.

Odyssey offers a curved profile dado trunking with one main compartment and two smaller compartments designed specifically for heavy traffic areas such as classrooms. Odyssey’s curved profile is designed to prohibit clutter, avoid dust traps and makes cleaning easy.
Twin Plus is an attractive, high capacity segregated two-compartment system, ideal for schools, colleges and universities requiring large quantities of Cat7a data cabling throughout classrooms and computer suites.

Bench trunking, an easy-to-install, robust and angled trunking, Bench trunking can be mounted directly on workbenches or angled under shelving. The single compartment can be subdivided if required.

Aluminium trunking systems
Elegance 110 is an impact resistant dado trunking system with a single lid cover. It’s an excellent choice for educational areas requiring a stylish yet robust trunking system, particularly effective where a high quality of screening performance and security is required.

Sterling Curve Aluminium Profile 1 and 2 is a robust and stylish Cat 7a compliant dado or skirting system designed to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and to make cleaning easy.

A strong and attractive high capacity segregated two compartment system, Twin Plus is ideal for schools, colleges and universities, just like its PVC alternative.

The Bench trunking is an easy-to-install, robust, angled trunking that can be mounted directly onto laboratory and medical workbenches or angled under shelving. The single compartment can be subdivided if required.

With such a comprehensive range available, it’s good to know that Core Distribution’s team is on hand to steer you towards the right product for the right application. A customer service commitment is delivered across all their product ranges. When consultant engineers demand that technical and regulatory product requirements be met, Core Distribution will have that very system. Not only that, if the specified product is unfamiliar to you, they will fully explain its advantages, ensuring it meets the requirements of the project and stays competitive.

Core Distribution also supplied Designer Group with 4,000 metres of Sterling Profile One and 1,800 metres of Bench trunking to the TU Dublin, Grangegorman Campus (Bottom left).
Core Distribution in partnership with Dowds Group supplied 1,300 metres of Sterling Curve Aluminium Trunking to the new Ulster University Campus in Belfast (Bottom Right).

Wholehearted service from Core Distribution
Core Distribution provides their electrical wholesaler and contractor customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.

Close to €1.3m in available stock is held between their two bases to ensure quick delivery to across Ireland, north and south. The recent purchase of another warehouse in Dublin, will double their footprint and allow them to increase stock levels even more.

Polite, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient, Core Distribution staff can deal with most enquiries or delegate to more experienced staff members if required. Service is not just about carrying out a transaction at Core Distribution.

It’s about making sure the order is packed properly, delivery is organised correctly, courier is given the correct information, product arrives on time, invoice details match the customer’s order, invoices are clear and correct, statements show every bit of information. That should happen not on one order – but every order.

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